HELP Benji

Hello ,

My name is Benji. I was born on 27.07.2002 . Three and a half months
later, on 15.11.2002 , I was very ill with Meningitis Sepsis/
Waterhouse - Friderichsen Syndrome. In Klinikum Passau doctors fought
for my life and gave me a 10 % chance of survival.

After four days it was clear : I will Survive!

But my right lower leg, the skin on both legs, and
my butt had died. I was after in Hauner Children's Hospital
Munich postponed. They amputated my right leg and received two skin
grafts. The doctors put me in a
coma for four weeks. Until my release on 15/02/2003 I was under general
anesthesia 15 times.

My two siblings (Joseph and Kristyna) followed up on my many
appointments at the
Physiotherapy and other operations. They gave me the support.

My unexpected serious illness unfortunately also came with financial
problems for my family. My wheelchair caused us to obtain a larger car.
My mom
took care of me, she couldn't work in the first year. We also discovered
that only one of the health insurance, the prosthesis is applied only
per year. For the
Prosthesis, we went to the company Pohlig to Traunstein. That is the
reason why we are in financial trouble. Although my dad has a good job,
he can't provide for
a family of five. We are struggling financially. My mom stayed by my
side at the hospital the whole time.
I need another surgery soon urgently. Meanwhile,
my mom got two mini-jobs, but without additional financial help we
wont't be able to pay for the surgery.
Running already gives me pain, because my legs are deformed.

If you want to help us , you can donate by Paypal or bank transfer.
Thank You!!


Banktransfer for donation:
Hochleitner, Kt.NR: 165549, BLZ 74092400,
Volksbank Vilshofen eG
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